Going Green: Sustainaility & the C-Suite

In an age where businesses have never been more competitive, it is imperative that companies strive towards Sustainability in order to stay ahead. Sustainability initiatives are becoming increasingly popular with top executives driving positive change from their positions at the very top of organizations, and this trend will likely continue as we move forward into what some might call "the new normal".

With 90% of executives acknowledging the importance of a Sustainability strategy, it is not surprising that only 60% of companies have put their plans into action. The demand for talent and expertise in this area is steadily on the rise, meaning Sustainability will need to be embedded in every part of a company’s strategy.

In this guide, you will explore:

  • Trends in Sustainability
  • How to Get a Job in Sustainability
  • How to get noticed by Recruiters
  • Being a Sustainability Influencer
  • And so much more
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