If you’re applying, or planning to apply, to executive jobs overseas, you may have asked yourself these questions:

  • Is it a résumé or a CV (curriculum vitae)?
  • What size should the document be, letter or A4?
  • Do I really need to share my marital status?
  • What about spelling? Is American English okay or do I need to use British, Australian, or Canadian English?
  • Do I need to have my résumé translated into the local language?
  • Do I mention my immigration status?

Beyond these questions of logistics, it can be a challenge to communicate your value in a quickly evolving international marketplace. How do you know what is important to the global and/or local audience, and how do you highlight those elements in your documents?

This one-hour webinar is full of strategies to propel your successful overseas executive job search for 100k+ jobs in finance and other fields.

About the presenter:
Kim Mohiuddin, one of Ivy Exec’s Senior Résumé Writers, specializes in international resumes and has been nominated for a TORI (Toast of the Résumé Industry) Award in the international category. Kim is a former certification chair of the National Résumé Writers’ Association, Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW), and Certified Job Search Strategist (CJSS). She’s had her work included in multiple publications, most recently in NBC and Time Out NY.

You can access the Powerpoint Presentation below:
To CV or not to CV: Writing Your Résumé for an International Market

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