This is part 3 of a series covering basic things employers look for in applicants. While every job, hiring manager, employer and situation is unique, there are usually common traits that employers look for, in almost every position.

A third thing that nearly every employer looks for is … Do you fit the culture?

Your next employer will evaluate if you fit the company’s culture, fit the department’s/team’s culture, and if the hiring manager just plain ‘ol likes you.

While most of this is determined during the interview, your resume can also help communicate fit. If your resume is effective to communicate the right fit, it can reduce your chance of being screened out of contention.

Follow these 6 tips to increase your chances you’ll be seen as a fit:

Research: Do research to find companies and positions who will value an employee with your personality. For instance, if a company is extremely conservative, and you’re not, consider if you’re likely to be a good fit.

Learn: Learn as much as you can about a company’s culture before applying for a position. To do this correctly, it will take more than just researching public information and online searches. If you want to increase your chances to be seen as a fit, expand your network to talk with as many people from the company as possible.

Listen: Don’t just listen to what your contacts at target companies are saying. How they are saying it, and the words/phrases they use are just as important.

Don’t fight ageism: Embrace your age – there are companies who seek more senior employees. Doesn’t it make more sense to focus on companies who want to hire more senior candidates, rather than attempting to fool employers about your age?

Be who you are: Be you, rather than trying to present a different persona. It can be tempting to mould yourself to the position, but make sure you would genuinely be happy in the role.

Don’t waste your time: If you’re not a culture fit, apply somewhere else. The more you can sound like you already work at your target company, the more likely you’ll be seen as a fit.


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