BlueSteps is renowned for working with senior executives across the world, but once a year we are privileged to collaborate with the most globally recognized executive…more powerful than Bill Gates or Richard Branson…the jolly ole man in the big red suit…the Chief Excitement Officer around the world…Santa Claus!

You might not think Santa Claus is into career management but he’s a very smart and shrewd business leader. Every year, Santa schedules an annual resume review and coaching session with his BlueSteps coach. Santa Claus knows how important it is to stay current. When he first started his career, no one had heard of the Internet. Executives didn’t need an online presence. His target audience wasn’t connected and engaged in social media on a 24/7 basis.

Within the last two years, BlueSteps has worked with Santa Claus to develop and execute social media strategies that will enhance his brand reputation and allow him to connect with his clients on a global platform. Just look at Santa now! He’s actively engaged on: Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Instagram. Santa’s become quite a techie!

Even Rudolph and the entire reindeer team are benefitting from Santa embracing technology. After taking the sleigh for a test ride last month, Rudolph can’t wait to use the GPS system installed on the sleigh making his flight plan navigation much easier.

As a global business leader, how connected are you to the world in comparison to Santa Claus?

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