The Economist makes a one-page report on a new book by Jeffrey Pfeffer of Stanford Business School providing academic analysis and many tips on “how to reach the top”. In short, the trick is to choose the right department to join, the ability to manage upwards, to network and to remain loyal. Once at the top, the key to keeping power is to understand its corrupting effects…

Read article: 'Schumpeter: The will to power'

Collaborate, not Dictate

It is clear the emphasis of a single leader has declined with the stronger focus upon collaboration. As mentioned in the article, tenure of CEO's is coming closer to that of other executives (last recorded around 6 years), and that organizations are becoming flatter. No longer do executives reach the top and hold their positions by default power status (like politicians used to / still do). And as discussed recently, other c-suite executives are expected to share the power at the top and perform general management duties, and thus share the power and responsibility of running the organisation.

It is not the end of power, but instead a refocus on how to achieve power and influence at the top. Greater collaboration is needed, and just reaching the top no longer guarantees your tenure.

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