Job search is moving online, jobs are posted online, employers use LinkedIn to conduct initial background checks, and recruiters scour the internet for their next prospect; how easy is it for recruiters to find you?

1.    Stop Consuming, Start Producing
Blogging technically isn’t as hard as people tend to think--simply log on to or and set up a free account. Producing the content is where it may get trickier. You need to be committed to your blog to really reap the rewards, and it does take time to see results, but ultimately blogging can attract recruiters and job offers, as well as help you grow your network.

2.    Facebook Pages
When you think Facebook, the odds are you don’t think it's a great place to market "brand me," but turns out, it is. There is a difference between the Facebook profile your children probably use and the Facebook page you can use to reach out to recruiters. Not many executives utilize the Facebook page option, but it is a great tool if used correctly. Use it to showcase your accomplishments, link to your blog and grow your network.

3.    LinkedIn
LinkedIn has become a giant resume book, where it is really hard to differentiate yourself. Key things you should do to make sure your profile is up to scratch include uploading a decent photo, ensuring that your profile is 100% complete, asking for recommendations and adding links to your blog and personal website.


This article was written by Sarah Wright, Marketing Assistant at the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC).

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