Over the last weekend I returned fresh from a small re-union – after 24 long years - with classmates from University days! During the 3 day sojourn in a hill resort, we were mulling over our individual evolutions and experiences especially on the professional front; some of us are entrepreneurs, a few teach at Universities and the rest are with corporates.

There were the ones who never left home towns all these years but seemed very contented with a balanced personal/professional mix in their lives. The most travelled and experienced ones were those with leading Corporates while the least satisfied ones about life were the same lot!

Taking stock from our discussions, it appeared that while;

- Work ‘experience’ was a competitive advantage when we entered the job market in the mid 80s.

- ‘Experience’ began to be perceived as an ‘essential component’ around the 2000s during the Y2K and IT boom years.

- And today ‘experience’ (a.k.a: ‘age’) has become our brand or the restricting tag placed upon us within our specialization/industry, with some able to remain flexible as senior management professionals.

In accepting this evolution, we have begun preparing ourselves to ride the remaining 15 years of our careers; attempting to match market realties with our tastes and expectations is where many of us fumble!

The smart ones however take the help of seasoned and mature Executive Search consultants who match the individual with organizational needs, attempting to find the perfect fit for both hiring client and senior professional! Such experts, over a period of engagement (which may include some failed attempts as part of the learning curve), get to know us very closely and become trustworthy agents in the act of guiding our professional paths.

It is needless to say that developing equal faith in such experts as on our own credentials (perhaps lesser on our ‘experience’ which is becoming a liability & old-fashioned) will pay!

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BlueSteps Executive Guest Writer

Kalyan VKalyan Vaidya is a global-minded international executive with Asia-wide, multi-industry experience - Computers, Healthcare, Auto-electrics, Aircraft engines, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Trading - in various facets of business value chain.

He has led projects in Japan, China, South Korea, ASEAN countries, India, Australia, Europe and the USA, and applies his international experience to his writing and management consultancy. Connect with Kalyan on LinkedIn or email him directly at kalyan.vaidya@gmail.com.

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