Women in Business
Women have had an uphill battle to shatter that glass ceiling. The evidence now shows that companies are increasing the numbers of women holding executive positions in their organizations.
The number of women on corporate boards is increasing, but only about 3% of public companies analyzed in a 2012 study by GMI Ratings Inc. (which surveyed 3,000 companies), have more than three women on their boards.
There are business benefits to having women at the helm. A 2012 Harvard Business Review study found that “at all levels, women are rated higher than men in 12 of the 16 competencies that go into outstanding leadership.”
But overall, women have not attained an equal footing to men in the executive world. And even highly accomplished women face pressures that go along with the executive suite. While some women are discovering success at the top, others are still finding it difficult to pierce that corporate veil.
Women executives need to consider creating their own career development model to overcome the obstacles. Do you need to change your mindset from an “activity-based” approach that the traditional executive job search model uses to a “synergistic-positioning” approach?
3 Executive Job Search Tips to Add to Your Career Management Strategy
1. Develop a career action plan or executive job search plan – with realistic goals and step-by-step actions to stay on track.                
2. Create an effective value proposition presentation both on paper and in person – a compelling message that engages, excites, and resonates with anyone.
3. Position yourself as a top thought leader in your industry – show your potential employer what’s in it for them.
-Leverage current job, network, and career for greater momentum.
-Utilize marketing and sales strategies to turn strangers into interested parties.
Don’t be caught in the mainstream of competition. Stand out, break through and move up in your career through effective packaging and positioning of your executive brand.
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