As leaders work to maintain resilience in hybrid and rapidly changing work environments, the increased sense of purpose, inclusion, and collaboration that culture nurtures is more important than ever in enabling individuals and organizations to thrive. While we have found that CEOs make culture a priority, we are also noticing that most aren’t particularly intentional in their pursuit of culture as a driver of financial performance. Read the full story here

“The shape of the workforce is changing as well, with many leaders concerned about the availability of the skills they need to move strategy forward,” the Russell Reynolds report said. “At the same time, environmental, sustainability and social justice issues have risen to the fore, catalyzing new expectations of employers to take a stand on issues both inside and outside the organization.” Read the full article here

As multinational companies work to regain their footing in what everyone hopes is becoming the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the competition for executive talent and the best and brightest at nearly every level of the corporate Organisation Chart is becoming intense. While many employers in the service industry are struggling to attract entry-level talent, most global companies are discovering that some of their top managers are leaving for the competition or simply moving to more progressive work environments. Read the full story here

According to Paul Ballman, a seasoned business psychologist with a specialty in leadership development, the shift to working from home has seen productivity levels surge for some business - however, he states that this endless efficiency also has its downsides. ‘Continuous improvement’, ‘efficiency’, ‘optimization’, ‘cost saving’, ‘just in time’ – the language of business has long been imbued with the assumption that we can make everything just a little bit better. But is better always better? Read the full article here

A thought leader is an individual who is recognized as both authoritative and an influencer - they are someone who brings great value to any specific subject or industry. The first step to becoming a thought leader is to be great at what you do, but it doesn’t stop there. Read the full article here


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