Is 2022 the Year of Mass CEO Succession?

The wave of postponed successions has already begun, with more than half a dozen CEOs stepping down in recent months and many more expected to do so over the coming year. This is not surprising given that COVID uncertain conditions have subsided since then-known as "The Great Pandemic." As we approach 2022 - which some experts believe will be another record-breaking season for CEO Departures.

It has become clear how deeply these bouts affected company behavior across all industries during their time at sea without leadership while also providing insight into what organizations can expect moving forward should they face similar challenges again soon? AESC member search firm Spencer Stuart predicts a record year for CEO departures. CEO exits rose 56% in the first quarter of this year.

Many CEOs & other executives are reprioritizing & seeking new purpose as explored in a recent article with BlueSteps Director of Executive Career Services Simeon Wong. If you're looking to explore a career change with a coach or simply want to stay on the radar of 200+ search firms like Spencer Stuart, a BlueSteps membership can help.


7 Top Leadership Traits for Big Company CIOs

To succeed as CIO at major enterprises, you must be prepared for a different type of work than what is required at smaller organizations. IT leaders who hope to make the move from mid-sized companies need to understand these key attributes that are sought by mega giants in order have any chance with securing employment there.

Transformational leaders are the visionaries and innovators who have a knack for developing innovative technology strategies that propel an organization forward. These inspiring individuals empower their teams to embrace change, innovate on behalf of them in order shape what they see as future opportunities within entire organizational structures.

In order to be a truly resourceful CIO, you need both experience in the field and an understanding of what's happening across various industries. You also have take into account accepted frameworks like methodology or cultural landscapes when it comes time for your own personal approach. Read more off the top traits for big company CIOs.

Are you considering a move to a bigger company? CIO magazine shares the top traits today's large enterprises are seeking in Chief Information Officers, including adaptability & resilience. Do you have those & the other traits on the list?

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