Career professionals agree that the key to identifying new job possibilities is through networking. This is especially true for senior and C-level executives in the global market. The hidden market is vast – with companies preferring to develop their own talent and promote from within – and unless you are privy to internal affairs you could be missing out on any number of opportunities when conducting your executive job search.
Building relationships with colleagues and peers in your industry, with recruiters and headhunters in the executive search community, and in the virtual world of social media are three steps to the hidden job market. Make it a part of your everyday life. Following are some ideas to help you navigate these channels more effectively:
LinkedIn & Online Identity:
With more than 225 million members worldwide, the LinkedIn professional community is a perfect venue to network with people, recruiters and companies all over the globe. A keyword-rich profile written in the narrative, conversational style that works well on LinkedIn will attract executive recruiters who use the platform in frequent searches for candidates.
Add real-time energy to your profile with a great headshot, routine updates and rich media. Join groups – or start your own! – and actively participate. A positive digital presence demonstrates your expertise and builds your reputation as a thought leader.
Industry Events & the Public Arena:
Integrate your online presence with your personal image and live your professional brand. By attending industry events, presenting at conferences, participating on panels, and taking a stand for your favorite causes, you will gain exposure in the media and generate interviews.
Arm yourself with a powerful executive resume and complete career portfolio so that you are prepared to promote yourself at any opportunity. Establish documentation that clearly describes who you are as your reputation grows.
Executive Search Consultants & Executive Recruiters:
Building rapport with retained executive search consultants in your industry will open doors at companies otherwise unapproachable to you. Foster relationships with a few relevant consultants well before you need their services. The more they know about who you are professionally and what you aspire to, the more apt they are to reach out when a fitting opportunity presents itself.
In conclusion:
Actively integrate relationship-building at every level into your daily life: build your network, digitalize your reputation, and put yourself in the forefront of the public arena to build the foundation for high-profile visibility that will land that opportune position in the hidden job market.


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