Tips to Navigate the New Digital Landscape

Technology has become an integral part of how businesses operate today. As such, it's no longer just the purview or even responsibility for CIOs and CTOs to oversee technology decisions. Now, these roles are shared across all members within a company’s c-suite so that data can be used as fuel towards successful strategies in both short term business growth opportunities, but also long-lasting ones like increasing efficiency through automation efforts, which will cut costs significantly over time due increased profitability margins.

Technology has crept into the inner workings of every level of a company. With an increased responsibility to collaborate across departments in order for their investments to not only match but also support what's going on outside, they can affect change through technological means too. The impact of technology on a business is undeniable. In a recent EY survey, more than half of people believe this change will have the greatest effect in terms of accelerating innovation, with some even arguing it’s changed how they do everything from marketing to hiring practices.

The C-suite is a place where technology decisions used to be made in isolation. However, with the infiltration of tech into every facet and department within an organization, it’s now crucial for CEOs' input on which technologies they want to deploy so that their investments match those goals while also leveraging collaboration across departments -to have maximum impact.

Technology is now the driving force that brings executives together. The new generation of technology, such as cloud services and big data analytics are changing how businesses operate; C-suite members from finance all way up through CEO level have become invested in these technologies which make them an integral part for their organization's success—everyone needs to collaborate if there’s any hope at meeting those demands.

Digital is no longer just the realm of the CTO or CIO. In our new and ever-evolving digital landscape, the entire C-suite must collaborate to meet the new demands. No matter your role, find out what you need to know as a leader to drive digital strategy. Read more here.


Are You Sustainability Fluent?

Nike has been a leader in the sports industry for decades, but lately they are taking sustainability to new heights. Nike's Chief Sustainability Officer shared with AESC member executive search firm Spencer Stuart how board directors can oversee and engage most productively on their company’s sustainability efforts.

Nike has always been a company that prioritizes sustainability. In this interview, Nike's Chief Sustainability Officer Noel Kinder shares his thoughts on how they make decisions for the future and what we can learn from them in order to be sustainable too.

Nike is continuing to innovate and scale solutions in service of our planet. They are driving momentum across all industries with their commitment. He goes on to explain why he feels so strongly while discussing their commitment to improved energy efficiency measures.

Nike plans on keeping its eye out for new ways to be sustainable, innovative, and relevant in the future. They have ambitious goals that won't come easy but are worth achieving because they're Science-based targets which means there's research behind them. These strategies also require everyone at Nike to stay focused on success over time. It will take everyone together as one, doing what needs to be done now or else we'll face consequences later down the road when these ideas don’t work anymore--we can see how connected consumers will become through sustainability initiatives. Gain insights on how you can position yourself to lead in this critical area. Read the full interview here.

Mastering Boardroom Communication: 7 Best Practices for CISOs and Cybersecurity

In order to achieve effective boardroom communication, preparation and practice are key. Today, some Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are enhancing their skills by seeking out training that focuses on engaging with the board of directors, incorporating many of the tips provided in this context. Furthermore, there are several certifications and formal education programs available that are designed to specifically present risk management strategies to the board.

Board meetings offer a valuable opportunity for CISOs to communicate the significance of cybersecurity and translate it into actionable measures. By excelling in boardroom presentations, CISOs can demonstrate the indispensable role they play in the company. As business leaders grasp the implications of their message, they come to recognize and rely upon the expertise of CISOs to safeguard their organization.

A low-tech approach to cyber security may also be the most critical tool to bolster a company’s prevention and mitigation efforts: human communication. Read more here.


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