In an increasingly digital world, most of us have ended up owning and taking up rent-free digital real estate on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter et al. And queries from users range from the basics (how do I set up my profile well) to the advanced (how do I maximize my ROI)! In this context, a compendium of suggestions I share from time to time with folks who reach out to me is as given below:


Do not spam: The sheer number of invites I get from strangers, followed by an immediate request for help, is rather huge. People have become rather unabashed. This is certainly NOT recommended. The key is to be subtle, not over-the-top.

Don’t stay silent: Many people just do not express themselves on social media. Pray, then why be on the platform? While your posts do not need to be very frequent, you certainly need to make your presence felt from time to time. linkedin networking

Be brief: We live in the “attention economy” as they say. When we are increasingly multi-tasking, constantly on WhatsApp/social media/calls etc., people tend to postpone long reads for later…be concise in your posts.

Use images: With the success of Instagram and other visual platforms, text alone no longer appeals to people. A flick with a simple one-liner goes a long way towards increasing the views of your post!

Offline to online: The key is to connect immediately online with people you meet offline…a better way to increase your network rather than casting your net far and wide in the big, bad online world!

Online to offline: The other way around is important too! Many folks do not even think of taking an e-meeting into the physical world. If you meet people online, carrying that over into the offline world is equally important. Hardly ever do you see a long-lasting relationship built solely on digital conversations!

No self-aggrandizement: Many people believe the digital world provides you a platform for an unlimited, unlicensed publicity blitzkrieg – it just puts off people! An understated accomplished works far better than an embellished one!

Unique accomplishments: No point in highlighting a certificate given by your local club. Many people post anything & everything. The key is to be selective. A small accomplishment can dwarf your stature. On the other hand, an accomplishment which makes everyone stand up and take notice, can go a long way towards enhancing your standing.

Social grace: The good ol’ fashioned, thoughtful connect is evergreen. Do not forget to wish people on birthdays, anniversaries, promotions etc. The one-click LinkedIn notification is a great tool – leverage it!

White spaces: Many people post information which everybody knows. There’s no point in talking about breaking news known to everyone. On the other hand, a piece of information which is interesting but not plastered all over the place, does create a good view of you!

Originality vs. curation: Quite a few people share only third-party quotes. Nothing original. It is very important to share your own thoughts from time to time. You are not a postman or a reporter.

Digital platforms have democratized access to people. It is up to you to make the most of it. Welcome to the age of conversational commerce!


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