Leaders on the Move: Exploring the Latest Executive Reshuffles

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Learn about these transformational leadership moves and their profound impact on the organizations they lead and the industries they shape. These stories exemplify the dynamic changes and strategic decisions that define the careers of top-tier executives and chart the course for the companies they serve.


Ambu's CFO Transition: Meet Henrik Skak Bender

In a significant development, Ambu A/S has announced the transition of CFOs. Thomas Frederik Schmidt will step down from his role by December 31, 2023, and Henrik Skak Bender will take the reins as the new Chief Financial Officer, starting January 1, 2024.

Thomas Frederik Schmidt's tenure as CFO has been marked by impressive financial achievements. Under his leadership, Ambu stabilized its financial situation, achieved positive cash flow ahead of schedule, and reduced its gearing to a low level. As he departs, Thomas leaves behind a strong financial foundation for Ambu's future.

Henrik Skak Bender's appointment signals Ambu's commitment to maintaining its financial strength. With fresh perspectives and a focus on the company's continued growth, Henrik will take on the role of CFO as Ambu looks ahead to a promising future. Read more here.


Setting Sail for Success: Stuart Gregory Takes the Helm as MarTrust's New CEO

In a strategic move aimed at fortifying its presence in the maritime payments sector, MarTrust, the renowned maritime payments provider, is embarking on an exciting new chapter of growth and development.

Recognizing the immense potential and evolving landscape of maritime payments, MarTrust is thrilled to announce the appointment of Stuart Gregory as its CEO. Stuart, a seasoned FinTech expert, played a pivotal role in building and scaling Wise Business, culminating in a successful public listing in London. Based in the heart of London, Stuart will report directly to Jens Poulsen, Group CEO of Marcura.

As MarTrust sets sail under Stuart's leadership, it's poised to navigate the challenging waters of the maritime payments market with innovation and expertise, marking an exciting chapter in the company's journey. Read more here.


Empowering Small Businesses: Dami Olawoye Takes the Helm as Payhippo's New CEO

Payhippo, the innovative fintech company using artificial intelligence to provide credit to small businesses in Nigeria, is poised for a dynamic transformation. In a strategic move, Dami Olawoye, formerly the Chief Financial Officer, steps into the role of Chief Executive Officer. Meanwhile, Zach Bijesse, the former CEO, transitions to a pivotal position on the company's board of directors.

Olawoye's vision for his tenure at the helm is clear: Payhippo will focus on empowering small businesses in the renewable energy sector, helping them to scale up and create job opportunities with the introduction of new products. With Dami Olawoye's leadership, Payhippo is primed to make a significant impact on Nigeria's fintech landscape, empowering small businesses and fostering economic growth. Read more here.



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