Invest in Yourself: Why Your Company Should Pay for Your Higher Learning 


For executives looking to further their education and professional development, pursuing higher learning opportunities such as business school courses can be a valuable investment in their careers. However, the cost of tuition can be prohibitive for many individuals, and despite the availability of education assistance, many employees are not taking full advantage of the benefits offered by their employers. 


According to a report by the Lumina Foundation, only 55% of employees who were offered tuition reimbursement actually used the benefit, and the average amount of tuition reimbursement utilized by employees was lower than the amount offered. Similarly, a survey conducted by EdAssist found that only 30% of eligible employees used tuition assistance, despite the potential positive impact on employee retention and career advancement. 


To encourage more executives and employees to take advantage of education assistance programs, companies can communicate the availability and benefits of these programs more clearly. Additionally, by partnering with resources such as BlueSteps, executives can access trusted online business school courses from top-ranked institutions. 


Emeritus is a company that partners with top universities to offer online courses and degrees designed specifically for working professionals. According to a survey conducted by Emeritus, 90% of their learners report that their courses helped them advance their careers. The courses are taught by university professors and can be rigorous and challenging, making them a valuable investment in career development. Emeritus offers courses in a wide range of topics, including business, technology, data science, and leadership, among others. 


By working with BlueSteps and Emeritus, executives/employees can access high-quality, flexible, and affordable online courses that can help them develop valuable skills and knowledge in their areas of interest. The courses are designed to be completed alongside work commitments, allowing professionals to balance their education and work responsibilities. 


A report by the National Center for Education Statistics found that employees who received employer-provided education assistance were more likely to receive a promotion or salary increase than those who did not receive assistance. This highlights the potential benefits of education assistance for both employees and employers. 


In conclusion, while many companies offer education assistance programs, a significant portion of the benefits offered go unused. By increasing awareness of these programs and their benefits and leveraging resources such as BlueSteps and Emeritus, both executives and employees can take advantage of valuable education and professional development opportunities, enhancing their skills, knowledge, and career advancement potential. 


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