Whether you are at the beginning of a job hunt or have been at it for a while, it can be exhausting. Between revamping your resumé, and searching for positions you qualify for, in some instances the process can leave a lot to be desired. If you are in the position to find a new job, it is important to remain positive and motivated throughout to ensure you find the position you are truly looking for. 

Seek Feedback from Peers

Feedback is a crucial aspect of self-improvement, especially when looking for a new job. Taking the time to learn where you can improve can help you stay motivated because it can give you the confidence to build on skills you may not have otherwise. Whether it is current co-workers or past mentors, your biggest forms of support can also be your biggest help.

To ensure you receive meaningful feedback, first think about the type of feedback you crave. While in some situations, getting feedback can be stressful, you want to look for what can ultimately help you instead of hinder you. You should ask yourself what it is that you need to succeed. Is it appreciation, acknowledgment, evaluation of your performance, or general coaching that you are looking for? 

Seeking out feedback in real time can aid you in your job search, as it may open your eyes to something you were not aware of in terms of your skills and capabilities. There is always room to grow and learn, especially in terms of your career. Keep this in mind for that additional push to remain positive and motivated during your job hunt. 

Take Days Off

Burnout is very real and can occur both in and out of the workplace. Tedious tasks can leave you feeling unfulfilled and crush your motivation to push on, especially when you need it most. Because of this, it should come as no surprise that you can burn yourself out with a non-stop job search. 

It is important you treat your job search like your typical career and create room for a proper work-life balance. Establishing a healthy balance outside of work can make it easier for you to bring the balance into your future career. You should also keep in mind that draining yourself while looking for a job may become a habit that easily transfers into your new role. Instead of searching round the clock, take time for a breath of fresh air and do activities you enjoy. This can clear your mind and motivate you when it is time to get back to work. 

Continue Learning

Continuous learning can be a big motivator in your career. It can help build and grow your skills while you find the perfect fit for your future job. Just like with feedback, there is always room to develop yourself more, whether it be towards career advancement, professional development, or personal growth. 

Entrepreneur Robert F. Smith advises, “Give yourself that additional challenge: If I'm going to do this, how do I now do it at scale?” Keep this in perspective as you continue on your journey to grow. Your skills and knowledge go beyond yourself and have the ability to impact your peers and future organizations. By making a continuous effort to improve yourself, you will not only find the motivation to push on through your job search, but also future success.

Create a List for Inspiration

Whether it is your dream role or a company you strive to work for, developing a list can give you a clear picture of exactly what you want for your career. Take time to thoughtfully plan out aspects of your dream career. This can include location, role, company, benefits, and compensation, among other aspects that might be important to you. Doing so can help to keep you motivated throughout your job hunt process because it gives you specifics to look for and work towards.

You can also make a separate list of your skills, goals, and achievements. This can be helpful in maintaining your motivation because it is a kind reminder of all of the tasks you have accomplished and what you are working towards. A list can even help you keep track of active skills you are building that can benefit your career in the long run, should it come time for an interview. 

American businessman Howard Schultz has said, "I am convinced that most people can achieve their dreams and beyond if they have the determination to keep trying." This rings true especially when you are experiencing a lengthy job hunt. Remaining inspired, determined, and motivated will not only prove to be beneficial in finding a new job but will also carry over into your career as well. 

As long as you keep these tips in mind during your job hunt, you will be sure to have a more positive and successful experience, and ultimately find the perfect job you are looking for.  


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