We recently spoke with a search professional at an AESC member search firm about how search professionals use BlueSteps to locate candidates.
What is the typical process when conducting a search in terms of how you source your candidates?
We use BlueSteps when looking for both candidates from the USA and international markets. I often use it when I need to find great candidates quickly as it’s so easy to find senior executives there. 
What databases and resources do you use?
I have found other sources to be lacking in strong candidates even though we pay for those. BlueSteps is the best research source out there, no question about. It’s my main source of candidates, usually my only one!
How does BlueSteps fit into your candidate search process?
As well as searching for candidates, we also look at BlueSteps to see how other organizations are structured and use that for market intelligence.
How many times a month do you use BlueSteps?
It depends on the search and when I’m doing an international assignment. Between 10 – 20% of my searches are international so that’s at least 2 searches a month.
Have you found any candidates through BlueSteps that you have gone on to present to a client?
Quite a few, yes. Some have gone on to be placed: they were very senior, including one CEO.

How can a candidate best present him/herself to get noticed in a marketplace that is saturated with talented people?
Make sure your profile and resume are up-to-date and well-written, and that it is as easy as possible to find your profile in the database.


Clara Widdison This interview was conducted by Clara Widdison of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC).

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