China ranks as one of the world’s fastest growing economies, with consistent growth rates of around ten percent for the past thirty years. This thriving economy has not come about without taking a toll on the environment. An advisory body has suggested that if China phases out its dirtiest energy, and replaces it with renewable or “green” technology, it can create 9.5 million jobs.
A report released by the China Council of International Cooperation of Environment and Development highlighted the potential for green growth in China and the “Jeckyl and Hyde”  environmental state of China, which has both invested hugely in new energy, but also has the most dangerous levels of pollution.

Li Ganjie, vice minister of environmental protection said “The industrial sector is still the prime energy consumer and a major cause of pollution, so greening the sector is key for China’s green transformation” which shows a commitment to renewable energy.

The report suggests the government spend 5.8 trillion Yuan on actions that protect the environment, save energy, and put hi-tech firms in place of polluting industries. The report goes on to recommend the introduction of carbon tax and of new pricing strategies that will drive more efficient used of scarce resources, for example, water.
The promotion of green energy in such a thriving country bodes very well for job seekers. Executives with an interest or history in green energy will be viewed as desirable candidates. Innovative executives with ideas or initiatives on how make currently polluting companies greener may be in very high demand. Investing in such initiatives sooner rather than later, will presumably make companies more profitable in the long run.


This article was written by Bella Barda, Emerging Markets Assistant from the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC).

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