Executive Career Steve Jobs Quote

This above quote was originally part of a speech given to graduating students at Stanford University, but does this advice have an expiration date? For executives who are already far down the career path that they chose as college grads, is it ever too late to make a shift? If you’re an executive who questions ‘could my time be better spent doing something else?’ you are not alone.
Many executives are now seeking the help of executive career tests to help them discover valuable self-awareness data which is vital to their career progression. Such tests can provide executives with scientifically proven information highlighting:

  • The type of professional tasks you are most likely to find interesting, and therefore excel at.
  • Your professional key competences and how they compare with the role you are currently in.
  • Areas of improvement. The test will highlight skills to develop to help you advance more quickly.
  • The test will also demonstrate the type of work culture you are most likely to thrive in.

Executive career tests have gained popularity in recent years. Many executives find them to be a useful career tool. And latest figures suggest that companies would agree. Around 5% of companies with 25,000+ employees are using predictive analytical tools.
Becoming more self-aware has many tangible professional benefits. From Richard Branson, who was able to adjust and exploit personality for success, to Steve Jobs, who was able to use this awareness to become alert to the situations and activities we are likely to find difficult – and capitalize on them!
Start your journey to self-awareness today by assessing these 4 vital steps:
1. Know your objective: Where would you like to progress to? What are you working towards?
2. Know where your strengths lie: Can you easily think of your 5 core strengths?
3. Know where you are less strong: Do you know how to minimize, mitigate and marginalize them?
What image are you portraying to others: In your resume, interviews and with your network?


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