Discover Transformative Growth with Exclusive Retreats for Executives and Boards


Are you a senior leader, executive, or board member looking to elevate your leadership skills and strike the perfect balance between high performance and a fulfilling personal life? Paresa Collection offers bespoke think tank retreats that cater to the unique needs of top-level professionals, providing an unparalleled experience for both personal and professional growth. By attending a Paresa Collection retreat, you can unlock numerous benefits, including professional development, networking, personal growth, and much more.


Distinct Pathways

Paresa Collection's retreats focus on several key areas of leadership, including wise and strategic leadership, human performance and longevity, visual leadership, and board and corporate governance. Led by a team of expert faculty, these retreats are designed to foster critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration among participants. The tailored programs allow attendees to hone specific skills and enhance their decision-making abilities.


Perspectives in Motion

Step away from the daily responsibilities and immerse yourself in a transformative experience that delves deep into your values and aspirations. Paresa Collection's leadership retreats set new standards in impactful transformational thinking, encouraging shared inspiration among an intimate circle of senior executives, business partners, and peers. By exposing yourself to diverse viewpoints and experiences, you can gain a broader perspective and make more inclusive decisions in your leadership role.


Body and Mind Wellbeing

Beyond the core content of the think tank retreat, Paresa Collection emphasizes the importance of human performance, and body and mind wellbeing. The retreats integrate thought-provoking and inspiring concepts, utilizing best practices to enhance mental and physical well-being. Participants can experience rejuvenation and stress relief in serene and relaxing environments, returning to their roles feeling refreshed and more focused.


Tailored Retreats

Paresa Collection offers a variety of retreats tailored to the diverse needs of executives and organizations. Some examples include "The Next Chapter in Life," a 4-day retreat addressing the transition and change of senior leadership, and "The Art of High-Performance Boards" - a retreat designed for board members. Each retreat provides an opportunity for reflection and goal-setting, enabling attendees to set priorities and develop actionable plans for achieving their objectives.


Up, Close, and Personal

For those wishing to travel with family members, business partners, or close friends, Paresa Collection ensures bespoke experiences that incorporate intriguing activities unique to the retreat's location. A dedicated team, in partnership with the destination host, will look after you if you wish to extend your stay beyond the retreat. By investing in your personal and professional growth, you can return from the retreat with increased purpose motivation, commitment, and engagement in your role.


The BlueSteps x Paresa Collection partnership aims to provide exceptional experiences for executives seeking to grow personally and professionally. These exclusive retreats offer a unique opportunity for transformational growth, allowing you to emerge as an even more effective and inspired leader. Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of this enriching journey and experience the transformative benefits of Paresa Collection's exclusive retreats.

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