China and the United States have pledged to enhance their cooperation in an attempt to help improve the global economic recovery. This occurred at the beginning of this month, during US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s visit to China.
It is important for economic recovery to be a priority for all nations, as according to Vice-Premier Wang Qishan the world’s economic situation continues to be “very complex and grim” as reported by China Daily.

Both China and the US, as key G20 members, need to make efforts with other G20 to ensure that the next summit is a success, and to support a strong, sustainable and balanced global growth.

Wang stated “The Chinese side is willing to work together with the US side to further cooperation in various fields including economy and trade, investment, finance and infrastructure, in order to spur the economy, increase jobs, and create more benefits for the people of the two nations”.

Geithner claims that the development of relationships between the two nations is both beneficial to the two nations and the global economy.

This relationship bodes well for all executives and suggests that jobs will be on the rise in the coming year. Any increase in trade is a positive for executives in Supply Chain Management, and any boost in the economy is good news for executives in any industry.
With China’s increased cooperation with the US, it seems that if any executives were thinking of moving to China, 2012 could be the year to do so.

With two such huge super powers working together in an attempt to maintain the economic recovery, it seems that job prospects for executives in 2012.


This article was written by Bella Barda, Emerging Markets Assistant from the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC).

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