Demand for Top Cyber Talent on the Increase


With cybersecurity jobs worldwide growing over 50%, the need for top talent in cybersecurity is at a high. Despite the increase in pay, CISO are still getting burnout due to the heavy pressures and stress.


According to AESC member search firm Heidrick & Struggles, in the last three years, the CISO role has evolved into a more center-stage role with leaders taking on a more holistic enterprise focus. Discover what you need to know as a leader about cyber risk. Read more here.




3 Types of Burnout & How to Overcome Them


Burnout becomes apparent in different ways depending on your work environment. A common misconception is that people all react to chronic workplace stress the same, recent studies have shown that it is a multifaceted issue. Identifying the type of burnout you are experiencing can help you overcome and act on how to address it. By gaining an understanding of the varying types of burnout, you can proactively identify warning signs and address specific stressors before burnout fully sets in.


After the intensity of the past three years, burnout in the C-suite is on the rise. AESC member search firm Borderless shares common burnout signs to watch out for and how you can address them. Read more here.


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