The partnership brings pay transparency to candidates seeking executive-level jobs and helps close gender pay gaps in senior roles.

New York, March 7, 2022 – BlueSteps, the global executive career platform by the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC), today launched a new plugin in their member dashboard that provides executives with comprehensive pay data. Through this new feature, BlueSteps members can access The Pay Index’s full suite of pay tools, including executive compensation reports comparing salary, bonus, equity grants, long- and short-term incentives, benefits, and change-in-control provisions for more than 50,000 executive-level roles.

“Any executive looking to negotiate a new job offer or have a better understanding of how their pay compares to peers knows that information isn’t readily available for executive-level positions,” said Kulsoom Gul, BlueSteps Managing Director.

Even within their own organization, it can be challenging for an executive to understand how their pay compares to market value. If an executive is moving to a different industry or location, they’ll naturally want to know how their compensation might change but gaining access to this information is challenging. Similarly, if there are gender pay gaps in specific industries or for specific roles, there hasn’t been available data for women in senior roles to easily benchmark pay with their male peers.

“Through the new feature, BlueSteps members can now easily benchmark their pay and benefits against executive-level peer groups across a range of industries, functional roles and locations,” shared Gul.

The new BlueSteps partnership with The Pay Index brings pay transparency through reliable data and reporting that BlueSteps members can now easily access through the BlueSteps member dashboard. With a BlueSteps subscription, executives will have access to the suite of The Pay Index reports and be empowered with data to make more informed decisions that impact their careers.

"As an association, AESC is dedicated to strengthening leadership worldwide. AESC members are the important link between employers and diverse, exceptional executive talent. With a rigorous focus on diversity, equity and inclusion, our goals are aligned with our new BlueSteps partner The Pay Index," commented Karen Greenbaum, AESC CEO and President.

James Rust, The Pay Index Founder and CEO commented, “At The Pay Index we are passionate about pay transparency. We are delighted to be partnering with BlueSteps enabling their members to easily access The Pay Index tools. As we celebrate International Women’s Day this week, we are pleased to offer solutions that can help close the gender pay gap.”

By opting into The Pay Index plugin on their BlueSteps dashboard, BlueSteps members can now start creating their own compensation benchmark reports and gathering detailed insights into how their total compensation compares to the marketplace. To learn more, go to


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