Keywords are critical to your career transition and executive job search strategy. You must clearly illustrate your transferable skills within each position of interest. Review the job posting and select the keywords relevant to that position to maximize your keyword hits in scanning systems and upon review of executive recruiters, HR representatives, or hiring executives.
Utilize the following four tips to improve your career transition and executive job search strategy through keywords.
Keyword Tip #1: Insert the title you are targeting at the top of the document and create a sub-title line below to highlight the core keywords for the position.  Your goal is for the reader to immediately acknowledge your focus, level of expertise and primary areas of expertise.
Keyword Tip #2: List two or three of your career defining achievements in your executive resume to convey your transferable skills and ability to achieve quantifiable results. Include as many quantifiable facts as possible to provide a reference for the achievement. The achievements should be condensed to no more than two lines each to focus the accomplishment. List the additional information under the relevant position in the body of your executive resume.
Keyword Tip #3: Make sure your LinkedIn Profile also has your transferable skills listed in the Skills & Expertise section. Consider listing a few of your career achievements within the summary section of your LinkedIn Profile. Cater to the same issues other organizations are challenged with regardless of industry, title, or status including startup, growth and turnaround situations.
Keyword Tip #4: Your cover letter is another opportunity to communicate your transferable skills. You can focus on the keywords and your experience exclusively or also include why you are interested in making this change. Some consider it easier to address the challenge prior to the issue being voiced.
At the executive or senior executive level, two of your primary areas of expertise are leadership and building successful teams. These skills are not exclusive to for-profits/non-profits, specific industries, or locations. Communicating the correct/relevant keywords and quantifiable results from those skills is the key to a successful career transition resume.


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