Following on from our post about whether an Ivy League degree is worth the investment, IvyExec’s Founder and CEO Elena Bajic was invited by CNBC to debate the pros and cons. See below for the top four reasons given by Elaine Bajic why Ivy League education is valuable to executives:

  1. An Ivy League degree serves as a pre-screener for executive recruiters and hiring managers

With an Ivy League degree on your resume, executive recruiters automatically know you have been educated to the highest standard, offering a testament to qualities such as intelligence, high-performance and drive – essential attributes for executive level jobs. And as the CNBC presenter highlights, completing a degree at an Ivy League institution earns you the ‘benefit of the doubt’ – even without seeing your grades, many will assume you are a high-performance individual.

  1. Higher quality of education

Due to the higher tuition fees, Ivy League universities are better equipped and staffed across the board. Ivy League students and alumni will benefit from more advanced career development tools and top professorial talent attracted to the school through competitive compensation packages (not to mention the network professors bring to the class). To quote the old saying, you get what you pay for. 

  1. Lifetime network of top performers

The selectivity of top business schools results in classes full of the world’s top performers. You will benefit from a high level network of contacts throughout your career, which can become particularly useful during a job search.

  1. Salary

IvyExec CEO Elena Bajic points out that Ivy league alumni earn up to 32% more than their non-Ivy League counterparts. Provided you can raise funds for the initial tuition costs, your additional investment could be paid back in just a few years. Value is cost versus benefit, and salary is a clear indicator of the additional value provided by Ivy League institutions.

Check out IvyExec CEO Elena Bajic on CNBC video here.

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