Getting noticed by executive search consultants can be challenging, especially in the age of technology and all of that digital noise. It's time to smarten up, toughen up, and get to work! Here's how we're doing it in 2020: 

1. Attend industry events & seminars.

2.  Create a professional website.

3. Moderate or panel webinars for organizations in your industry or current company.

4. Post & join in on conversations on LinkedIn.

5. Start a professional blog.

6. Serve on an advisory board.

7. Become a contributor to your company's blog or a relevant blog or publication. 

8. Google yourself and find ways to improve your ranking. 

9. Join live discussions on social media sites, such as TweetChats.

10. Volunteer for interviews and to be quoted in press releases.

11. Send a brief, personalized email to those who specialize in your industry, function, and region.

12. Update your BlueSteps profile once a year or anytime your job changes.

13. Join relevant professional or trade associations.

14. Keep track of places where your bio is posted online and make sure it's up-to-date. 

15. Sign up for services, like HARO, that allow you to connect with journalists.

16. Take an adjunct faculty position. 

17. Keep an up-to-date, active profile on LinkedIn and one or two relevant social media sites.

18. Write a book.

19. Be a panelist and give presentations at your company's events and relevant industry events.

20. Start an industry or function-focused MeetUp.

21. Get a personal referral via friends, family, colleagues, or business associates.

22. Comment on relevant discussion website conversations (Reddit, Quora, etc.).


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