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In this issue of Executive Talent, AESC looks at how the executive search profession has expanded and evolved around the world. AESC members in Asia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and the Pacific share how they are helping clients in their markets solve their biggest organization challenges to date. AESC also delves into issues on how the workplace is evolving, the business landscape in India, AI and more.

Explore Where Executives Are Expecting Growth in 2019

To help executives grow in 2019, BlueSteps collected insights from 1,400 senior management professionals globally on trends they are seeing in the executive job market and in leadership. Navigate the job market and hone your management skills with their insights on: 

AESC’s Global Executive Talent Outlook 2019 outlines business intelligence for C-Suite leaders related to talent trends and new opportunities in the market. AESC Member consultants share input on top organizational challenges and opportunities business leaders are facing and forecast industry, functional and geographic market trends. AESC Members work as executive talent advisors to the world’s most successful businesses and have a unique vantage point on key executive talent trends. Discover information straight from recruiters on:

No one wants to be labelled a "job hopper", but is it equally damaging to your executive career progression to say in one place for too long?

New skills and challenging experiences are often the product of a career transition. Changing roles can also lead to a faster compensation increase, and can prevent you from becoming pigeonholed into one set function or industry. During this recording, listen to executive career advisors share their knowledge on career transitions and how to know when to go.  

Global business leaders understand the need to transform their organizations, leverage emerging technologies, and identify new opportunities in the marketplace. However, a common barrier is a lack of leaders who can establish the right culture for innovation and transformation. AESC's Leading Transformation report highlights what business leaders need to know to attract, develop and become executives who can foster innovative cultures and digitally transform enterprises.  

For AESC members, the commitment to confidentiality and respect for an individual’s private information are core values. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has sweeping effects for how organizations conduct business. In Issue Eleven of Executive Talent, AESC looks at GDPR's impact and how leaders should respond to other radical changes. 

To thrive today, organizations must be nimble, innovative and disruptive. What disruptive technologies are impacting global business? How can legacy businesses transform into competitive digital players? Explore Issue 13 Executive Talent. 

Download AESC's 2018 regional white paper to better understand the business climate in the Middle East, with insights from business leaders and executive recruiters on the changing business climate and executive talent landscape of the region.  

Never have the challenges for business been greater, but they have also never been as exciting. In this issue AESC's Executive Talent magazine, we analyze traits which are core for innovation in today’s rapidly transforming and competitive business environment.  

In this special report by AESC, our parent organization, learn insights from 850+ business leaders worldwide, across industries and geographies, we sought to better understand the generational transition of leadership, from Baby Boomers to Gen X and Millennials.