According to Russell Reynolds in a recent article in the FT, ‘Little Change For Board Gender Imbalance’, European organisations are making slow progress in adding women to their boards, ‘Women account for 11.7 per cent of board seats at the top 300 European companies, up from 8.5 per cent in 2008...But only seven women hold chief executive or executive chairwoman positions and one in five companies still has an all-male board.’

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If you doubted the ability of Brazil to hit Labour Minister, Carlos Lupi's ambitious job creation targets, it is perhaps time to change your opinion. In the first 8 months of 2010 alone, Brazil has created 1.95 million jobs, on target for the 2.5 million jobs to be created in 2010.

In addition to these excellent results the rate of unemployment is also falling. Brazil reported today that unemployment has hit its lowest ever rate of 6.7%, down from 6.9% in July. Unemployment in Brazil has been dropping since August 2009 when it was at its highest - 8.1 percent.

Radhakrishnan B Menon, MD of LBW Consulting Pvt. Ltd, recently published an article discussing a ‘revolution’ being led by ‘Growth Leaders’ (GL’s). Although the concept of leaders driven by growth is not new, Menon outlines many traits and attitudes towards we leaderhsip we should all inspire to obtain. Do you adhere to the following 7 points?
  • Set ambitious growth targets – instead of following market trends and being influenced by external factors, growth leaders attempt to shape the market around them.
The Economist makes a one-page report on a new book by Jeffrey Pfeffer of Stanford Business School providing academic analysis and many tips on “how to reach the top”. In short, the trick is to choose the right department to join, the ability to manage upwards, to network and to remain loyal. Once at the top, the key to keeping power is to understand its corrupting effects…

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Collaborate, not Dictate

It is clear the emphasis of a single leader has declined with the stronger focus upon collaboration. As mentioned in
To mark the 10th anniversary of BlueSteps connecting senior executives with leading search firms, we surveyed our database of 60,000 senior executives to find out which global event they think has most affected business over the last decade. Read on to see what the most popular responses were, and what effect BlueSteps members think these developments have had on global business.

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1. The 2008 Financial Crisis

It is ironic how one can write a dynamite resume, prepare for interview questions, practice salary negotiation, and do thorough research to uncover companies hiring your type of talent, but not be prepared to clearly evaluate the offers when they come in.

My clients often express frustration after they’ve completed their interviews for a position they want. The common complaints include, “Why doesn’t the company call me back?” or “I feel like I have no power; all I can do is wait for an answer,” or “Can’t I do anything to make the employer say YES?”

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