4 Considerations During COVID-19 & the Great Resignation  

With endless changes constantly going on around the world amid COVID-19 and the great resignation, we’re left wondering how all of this affects the executive job search industry. AESC sat down with executive coach, Simeon Wong, who leads executive career services for BlueSteps to discuss the possible opportunities and challenges for executives considering a career change.  

From this interview, we summarized the key takeaways on how executives are embracing career change during COVID-19 

1. A career transition is a process 

When you’re about to begin a career change, be ready to answer essential questions, such as, what makes you happy? Where can your skills make a difference? You must also consider what your non-negotiables are. Answering these questions and digging deep into your skills and passions is harder than it appears. But after that, you’re ready to start setting goals. 

2. More executives are looking for a career reset 

During these days, executive leaders are re-evaluating their positions. The COVID lockdown caused many to be home for a long while which led to much needed self-reflection. Simeon states, “Out of more than 500 conversations with executive coaching clients, I’d estimate that about 30-40% are looking for a career change or more precisely, a ‘career reset.’” 

3. A shifting definition of success 

As Simeon puts it, “Everyone wants to be great, but now is different.” Executives have probably achieved most of their goals on the corporate ladder and have shown success with it. But now, the same executives are asking what’s something more they can do. Since there’s no way of taking your degrees to the grave, more leaders are asking themselves what they accomplished and how will they be remembered. To answer these questions, they must shift their definition of success which is different than getting to the top of the corporate ladder.  

4. Utilizing an Executive Coach 

Identifying what matters most to you, what contributions you want to make, and then achieving these aspirations may seem like a confusing daunting task. But having guidance and support during this career reset can go along way. An executive coach helps you realign your goals with your values while they also help you build a compelling professional brand. An executive coach’s job is to assist their clients in achieving their aspirations. “At BlueSteps we also help executives identify what they really want and chart their unique course to get there,” Simeon states.  

For executives looking for help navigating their own career change, or who just want to be more visible for executive & board-level opportunities, AESC’s BlueSteps service can help. 

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