Executive Career Coaching Services
Executive Career Coaching Services
Start your journey towards achieving your executive career goals today.


We take pride in having some of the world’s leading Executive Coaches at BlueSteps. Our couches understand the challenges you face in your industry and area and can help you break through the barriers preventing you from attaining the role you deserve. Here are some examples of how we do this:

Career Coaching:

How do I fit into today’s marketplace with such upheaval and uncertainty? How do I define my unique and compelling value in the global employment landscape? How can I move my career forward with purpose and passion?

If you’re asking yourself these critical questions and more, our team of experienced Executive career coaches will help you discover the correct, compelling answers.

Together, we’ll remove barriers and build a plan to help you land a new job, build a more satisfying career, and fulfil your ultimate professional ambitions. We’ll work with you to put together a detailed career management plan that you can be confident in to help guide you toward your “North Star.”

Job Search Coaching:

Our Job Search Coaching services are designed to help you answer these questions: What’s the most productive use of my time? What do I do first? What are the most effective strategies, online and offline networking efforts, websites, and job search techniques for senior executives?

Your resume is professionally written, and you’re eager to land your next great opportunity. Yet the job search process can be confusing and overwhelming, causing you to lose valuable time and momentum. You need a plan, a strategy, and a structure so that you’re spending your time and energy on the most productive and practical activities.

Working with an expert job search coach, you’ll create that plan, master the intricacies of online and offline job search, and receive ongoing advice, feedback, counsel, and support to keep you on track and moving forward purposefully.

Interview Preparation Coaching:

How can I make the most of every interview opportunity? How do I answer the tough questions? How can I convince a recruiter or employer I’m the right candidate? 

Working with our coaches, you’ll learn and practice strategies and techniques to succeed in every aspect of interviewing. These sessions will empower you to enter each interview with confidence and clarity! We will cover how to prepare for each interview.

    • Ace the typical “tell me about yourself” questions.
    • Structure your responses to general, situational, behavioural, and challenging interviewing questions.
    • Master a powerful technique for telling compelling success stories.
    • Ask insightful questions of your own.
    • Leave the interview with a clear understanding of where you stand in the selection process.

Personal Brand Coaching:

How do I distinguish myself from other candidates in today’s challenging economy? How do I find a job that fits my leadership style and career ambitions well? How can I align my personal values and goals with my career?

Understanding and communicating your executive brand – your unique promise of value in the business arena – is the key to differentiating yourself and matching your personal drivers with the right career and business opportunities. As you work with your personal branding coach, you’ll uncover your brand attributes, clarify your market value, hone your branding statement, and create a brand communications plan to position yourself for the right opportunities – today and at every stage of your career.

Online Identity Management Coaching:

What do employers find when they Google me? What can I do about irrelevant or even damaging information that exists online? How can I quickly, easily, and inexpensively boost my online visibility and professional brand?

Recruiters and employers are looking online to find candidates, verify candidate information, and uncover discrepancies or other information that might cause them to reject a candidate. Today, a robust and digitally distinct online image is not an option but a necessity.

The good news is that by adopting the tools offered by our social media reputation partner, the Mintz group, we can help you create and manage your online presence through our comprehensive coaching and support service.

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