The Complete Board-Ready Package
The Complete Board-Ready Package
Start your journey towards achieving your executive career goals today.

Ready to join a Board?

Our Advisory team at BlueSteps offers a comprehensive program designed to help you enhance your board candidacy and achieve your unique board goals. Created for first-time and experienced Board professionals, our Board-Ready Package is tailored to your individual level of experience and offers all the essential tools to set you on the path to continued success.

  • PERSONALIZED BOARD STRATEGY CONSULTATION: Our experienced career advisors will assess your board readiness and help you craft a personalized strategy to pursue your board goals. This consultation will consider your unique skills, expertise, and level of experience to ensure your success in the boardroom.
  • BOARD-SPECIFIC RESUME & BIOGRAPHY DEVELOPMENT: Our professional resume writers will work with you to create a board-specific resume and biography that showcases your leadership profile, core strengths and advisory expertise. Stand out from the competition with polished and impactful documents tailored to board recruiters, directors and nominating committees.
  • BOARD NETWORKING & OPPORTUNITIES ASSESSMENT: Learn how to leverage your personal and professional network to uncover board opportunities. Our career advisors will guide you through the process of identifying valuable connections and networking strategies that can lead to board appointments.
  • BOARD INTERVIEW PREPARATION & COACHING: Tackle your board interviews with full confidence and clarity, with the help of our expert coaches. We will help you prepare for potential questions, develop compelling responses, and hone your interview skills to ensure you make a lasting impression.
  • ONGOING SUPPORT & ACCESS TO BOARD OPPORTUNITIES: As a BlueSteps member, you will have ongoing access to our extensive network of board opportunities and resources. Stay informed about the latest Board trends and best practices through webinars, live panel discussions and other resources.

Invest in your future with our Board-Ready Package. Expert guidance, tailored support, and tools for success. Become a BlueSteps member and submit a coaching request to get started.

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