Company director and founder Rosalind De Sailly has been in higher education and NGO sectors for 20+ years, working in executive search, strategic planning, marketing, sustainability, international education, learning technologies, teaching and research.

She understands how universities differentiate themselves strategically, and how they operate on both the professional and academic sides of the business.Before founding De Sailly Search, Rosalind held positions at The University of Sydney, UTS, WSU and AGSM. She was a researcher on an ARC funded project and spent 3 years in the NGO sector.

She spent ten years helping universities plan and realise strategic gains in teaching and learning and international education, at three separate global companies specialising in e-learning (including WebCT and Blackboard) and taught EMBA students at UNSW. For more information, visit https://www.desailly.com.au/.


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