This workshop is led by private equity experts as they explain how the private equity model works, how to target private equity boards and what skills and experiences are in-demand. 

This workshop recording covers:

Are you considering your next strategic career move? During this workshop, a team of expert career advisors discuss how you can set a goal for your career and the work you can do to make sure you build a career plan that gets you to where you want to be. 

This workshop recording covers:

Is your LinkedIn Profile attracting new executive opportunities for you? Does your social media present you as a prominent executive leader in your industry? Executive search consultants and potential employers will examine your online presence during the search process to gather information and make critical decisions regarding your candidacy.

Understanding the executive search process and how to successfully build and leverage relationships in the search community can have a lasting impact on your career. Creating a strong and strategic network of recruiters should be a vital component of your executive career strategy, particularly if you are considering your next professional opportunities.

Everyone has a personal brand, whether they consciously curate it, or not. What does your brand say about you?

Executive interviews can be a juggling act. Balancing your responses to demonstrate you meet the criteria, whilst also showcasing your unique value, relevant skills, cultural fit and professional capabilities can be a bit of a challenge.

At the initial stage in the recruitment process, your resume/CV is likely to be assessed in 10 seconds or less. Does your resume/CV have what it takes to grab their attention in that time frame?

If your resume is not strategically written, keyword optimized, or written in a concise manner, you could be missing out on new opportunities. In this recording, our panel will discuss what they look for in a winning resume/CV and their best strategies to dramatically improve your resume's performance to secure that interview.  

If you have board aspirations, start preparing yourself now for success in the future. Discover if you are board ready and gather insider advice on how to make your aspiration a reality with this webinar recording. Listen to our expert panel of board search specialists who will be providing their top tips on how to leverage networking, executive search and board trends to increase your visibility and stay ahead of the competition.


How will your executive job search strategy hold-up in today's highly-competitive environment?

Understanding the latest industry and regional trends, having a thorough knowledge of the executive recruitment process and gathering insider advice on how to build a job search strategy can give you a critical edge. This webinar will put your executive job search on the fast track by leveraging executive insights and better positioning yourself for upcoming opportunities.  

Looking to boost your career in 2019? Learning to navigate the executive search process is key to your success.

Building and maintaining relationships in the search community has a lasting impact on your career. Start creating your strong and strategic network of recruiters to maximize your career strategy with this webinar recording featuring a panel of global senior-level executive recruiters.