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Executive Negotiation Strategies: Compensation, Raises and More

Date: Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Whether negotiating for a raise or establishing your initial salary for a new executive role, compensation negotiation can be a difficult task, and can have a lasting impact on your career.

With inadequate research, ill-though out demand, salary overstating, miscalculation of your worth, or entering into negotiations too soon, being just a few of the possible pitfalls executives can succumb to during this process, it is well worth investing your time in building a compensation negotiation strategy before you even start interviewing.

During this complimentary webinar recording our panel of experts will aim to provide exclusive advice to make sure that executives get the compensation they deserve.

This webinar covers:
- How to prepare for questions about salary during an interview
- How to negotiate when currently unemployed
- Do's and don'ts of executive salary negotiation
- How to calculate your worth and what to expect
- When to ask for an increase in pay
- And more..

Moderator: Tiffany Hardy (BlueSteps)

Panelists: Chris Swan (TRANSEARCH), Lucie Shaw (Amrop) and Cathy Logue (Stanton Chase).

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