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Expert Tips for Finding Your Next Board Seat

Date: Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Are you ready to join a board of directors?
If you are considering taking a seat in the boardroom, there are numerous important factors to consider.

It can be a difficult process, requiring strategic planning, careful preparation, expert due diligence, and skillful networking to better position yourself for when new board opportunities arise.
Executive search professionals are responsible for sourcing many board candidates, so if you want to remain one step ahead, listen back to the recording of this complimentary webinar to learn useful hints and tips from those who conduct the searches.
This webinar will cover:

- How to develop a strategy to get a board seat
- How the board recruitment process actually works
- What the current challenges and concerns for boards are
- What qualities are sought after in a board candidate 
- How diversity issues are affecting the board room
- And more...

Moderator: Kathy Simmons (Executive Director, BlueSteps Executive Career Services)

Panelists: Kevin Hall (Bluestone Leadership/AltoPartners), Clement Wigger (Allen Austin), Jena Abernathy (Witt/Kieffer) and Stephen Konstans (Pearson Partners).

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