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Insider Secrets for Executive Expat Success

Date: Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Moving abroad can bring a range of career benefits to those who are willing. It could even lead to an immediate increase in salary compared to what can be offered in your home country, among other financial gains.

It could also increase the likelihood of promotion due to your improved first-hand knowledge of the global marketplace and proven ability to adapt to new and challenging environments.

With such benefits on offer, choosing to accept an international position can seem like the obvious choice, so what's the catch?

During this complimentary webinar recording, our expert panel share their knowledge and advise executives on what to consider before making the big move.

This webinar covers:

- How to establish if the move is financially worthwhile
- How to do your due diligence on the company
- What to look out for in your contract
- How the change could impact your long-term career progression
- How this change will affect your family and lifestyle

Moderator: Maureen Rabotin (Executive Advisor, BlueSteps Executive Career Services)

Panelists: Chris Swan (TRANSEARCH), Ineke Arts (Hoffman & Associates) and Ken Daubenspeck (Daubenspeck & Associates).

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