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Managing Your Executive Career in the Wake of Brexit USD $0.00
Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2016

In order to attain a successful executive career, one must be prepared for change.

In turbulent times, the need for executives to know how to effectively manage their careers - whether actively seeking employment or not - becomes critical.

This webinar recording covers:
- The impact of Brexit on the European job market
- How to improve your personal brand to increase your executive options
- How to utilize your network
- How to create your long-term and short-term career management strategy

Kathy Simmons, Executive Director, BlueSteps Executive Career Services - AESC

Ineke Arts, Partner - Hoffman & Associates IIC Partners
Bernard Perry, Managing Partner - TRANSEARCH UK
Lucie Shaw, Head of Consumer Practice - Amrop London
Chris Donkin, Partner, Industrial Practice - The Inzito Partnership / AltoPartners UK

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