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The Ultimate Executive Career Guide: Part Two USD $0.00

Advanced Job Search
As a senior-level executive, you can use this guide to:

- Manage your career while currently employed
- Decide when to make a career transition
- Create a job search strategy
- Set up your job search routine
- Learn where to find executive-level jobs
- And more!

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About Part Two

No matter what your situation, numerous executives are facing the same issues and are unsure about how to navigate these in the new world of job search. What is clear is that doing the same things to find a job today as you did five or 10 years ago will no longer produce the same results.
You will need to build your network while you’re currently employed, prepare your personal branding, improve your resume/CV and career documents, and develop your job search strategy, so making a career change won’t happen overnight. This guide can help you through the various stages of your job search if you’re actively seeking a new role or help you implement a plan to prepare for a potentially inevitable career transition.

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