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2017 BlueSteps Executive Career Outlook Summary

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Executive Job Market Forecast to be Stronger Throughout 2017

The 2017 BlueSteps Career Outlook Report Summary, by Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants, shows that confidence in the executive hiring market has increased for management-level professionals globally. The 1,219 senior management professionals, who are also members of BlueSteps, surveyed show they understand there is fierce competition for top executive-level jobs, but that the mood among global management professionals is more optimistic especially in the roles of Board Director, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Operations Officer.

About BlueSteps
BlueSteps is a global career management service for executives, from Director-level through C-suite. As an exclusive service of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC), BlueSteps empowers senior executives to effectively manage their careers, track their goals and stay visible to the more than 9,000 AESC member executive search professionals who use BlueSteps as a tool to identify candidates matching their more than 80,000 executive search assignments each year. For more information on how BlueSteps can help you manage your career, visit the BlueSteps website.
About Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants
AESC is the voice of excellence for the executive search and leadership consulting profession worldwide. Our rigorous Code of Professional Practice guides our members in nearly 1,300 offices in 74 countries and beyond to serve as strategic advisors on behalf of their clients. In turn, AESC members are best positioned to provide companies with a competitive advantage—the ability to find, attract and develop the best talent in the world and ensure that executives are successfully integrated.
By virtue of selecting an AESC member, clients can be secure in their choice of consulting firm, and can reap the benefits that only a trusted advisor can deliver. To learn more about AESC and to view a list of AESC members, visit

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