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BlueSteps is the confidential career service of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC). BlueSteps provides executives in 70+ countries comprehensive career solutions, built to the quality standards of AESC. Get ahead with BlueSteps >>

With a BlueSteps membership, executives:

Gain insider information

from recruiters & C-suite leaders in members-only reports, guides & newsletters

Participate in virtual workshops

with executive career coaches & get their questions answered

Receive a career consultation

with an expert advisor and access add-on coaching, resume/CV and personal branding support when they need it

Build a discreet career profile

searchable by the top executive search firms worldwide

Access a curated selection of open searches,

executive-level jobs and board opportunities, all in one place

Find the search firms they should know

with a global directory searchable by industry, function & geography

Craft compelling outreach to recruiters

using an exclusive message builder

Benchmark their pay

with other BlueSteps executives using our exclusive compensation tool

Create career goals

and measure their progress with a built-in goals tracker

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BlueSteps Guides You Through:

Job Search

Map a plan with intel and advice from pros who have been there before. Learn where opportunities lie and tactics to make yourself stand out.

Executive Search

Navigate the how-to’s of executive search. Discover search firms you should know and learn what recruiters are looking for in the marketplace.

Career Mapping

Hone in on what matters to you. Develop a strategy to bring your vision to reality with expert support. Be prepared no matter what appears on the path ahead.

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