BlueSteps Launches New Feature to Help Executives Set Career Goals and Track Their Progress

BlueSteps.com, the executive career management service by the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC) announces MyGoals. The new feature available to the more than 100,000 BlueSteps members worldwide allows executives to set career goals and track their progress toward achieving those goals. A series of new career management steps are displayed to BlueSteps members each time they log into their BlueSteps account.

MyGoals is a simpler way to keep your career strategy on track.

Glenda K. Brown, Managing Director of BlueSteps, says: “Our goal is to help busy executives manage their careers, track their goals and stay visible to the right recruiters. While senior executives are focused on managing their organizations, it can be challenging to carve out time for managing their own career goals. The new feature provides executives a technology solution for efficient career management, both for when they are passive candidates or actively considering new opportunities. MyGoals is just one of the many resources BlueSteps provides its members. It’s like an online career coach you can use daily, but we offer a best-in-class team of offline career coaches, too, to tackle those more complex career objectives. Our coaches can help executives achieve a range of goals from becoming board ready to strengthening negotiation skills.”

The new MyGoals feature is just the latest in a full suite of BlueSteps career resources tailored exclusively for senior-level executives. BlueSteps also provides its members with an online directory of executive recruiters from the world’s top executive search firms, searchable by industry, function and geography, as well as access to current advertised executive job and board opportunities worldwide. In addition, BlueSteps offers its members a plethora of resources created for senior executives, from guides on how to network with executive search consultants to seminars on using social media effectively for establishing a personal brand.


Complimentary Webinar Recording - Advancing Your Career: Executive Search

This webinar covered:

- How to appropriately contact and stay in touch with executive search firms

- How to make yourself more visible to researchers and executive search consultants

- What executive search firms are looking for in a candidate

- Where the greatest demands and job opportunities are for executives in 2016

- And more...

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As a member of BlueSteps, your career details will be confidentially provided to hundreds of the world’s leading retained executive search firms, all vetted members of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants in over 75 countries.  Benefits include:

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