Executive Search and Your Career

Should you be incorporating executive search into your career strategy?
Learn more about executive search and how building relationships with executive recruiters can help advance your career.

Are Executive Search and BlueSteps Relevant to You?

✓ Do you hold an executive-level position?
Includes Director-level through C-suite: CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CTO, VP, Managing Director, Director, etc.

✓ Do you earn a minimum salary of $150,000 USD or regional equivalent?
Most AESC executive searches assignments have a salary minimum of at least $150,000 USD.

✓ Do you want to be discreetly considered for new executive job or board opportunities?
Your career goals change over time. Executive recruiters develop relationships with both passive candidates and those actively seeking new opportunities.


If you answered yes these questions, connecting with executive recruiters is a critical component to your long-term career success. BlueSteps can help you forge those relationships.

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BlueSteps Increases Your Visibility to Executive Recruiters By:


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Sharing your BlueSteps career profile with 9,000+ AESC executive recruiters looking to find candidates like you for job and board openings.

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Featuring hundreds of executive opportunities, some of which are posted exclusively by BlueSteps, you can target by industry, function and geographic region.

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Helping you start relationships with AESC executive recruiters that match your career experiences and goals using our AESC Member Directory.

What is Executive Search?

Executive search consulting is a specialized form of management consulting that clients may use to help them find a talented executive to fill a position. Executive search consultants frequently provide significant benefits beyond search. They save clients’ money by making the right hire the first time, for positions that are rarely advertised. Forging strong relationships with them gives you access to the “hidden job market” of high-level, challenging positions.

Why Do Companies use Executive Search?

Executive search firms help organizations worldwide find top talent to fill executive management positions. An executive search consultant is a specialized recruiter and management consultant who can offer industry-specific knowledge and expertise, conduct talent assessments, expand talent diversity and more to ensure the best candidate is selected for an executive role or open seat on a board of directors.

Often, the roles executive search firms are looking to fill are confidential and therefore not publicly advertised. To be considered for these opportunities, relationships with executive search consultants should be established before you need them as part of your career management strategy.

How Do I Begin a Relationship with Search Consultants?

Part of the goal of BlueSteps is to help enable you to begin building and maintaining relationships with executive search consultants, sometimes called executive recruiters. AESC member search consultants use our database everyday to explore BlueSteps profiles and find potential candidates for open searches. For a more proactive approach, we also provide BlueSteps members with our AESC Member Database to find and reach out to search consultants who align with their experience and career goals. BlueSteps guides you through crafting an effective communication to executive recruiters who specialize in your target function and industry. We also provide advice on how to customize your outreach to make it more personal and effective, such as tips shared in our Q&A with Rachel Roche, President of Smart Search.

executive search Want more information on Executive Search and managing your career?
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What is AESC?

Since 1959, AESC has set the standard for quality and ethics in executive search and leadership consulting worldwide. Because AESC members must commit and adhere to the AESC's industry and government recognized Code of Professional Practice and Standards of Excellence, client organizations worldwide can be assured that AESC members are able to serve as trusted advisors for their most important engagements.

The unique connection between BlueSteps and AESC helps you gain visibility to over 9,000 AESC vetted executive search professionals in more than 75 countries. Executive recruiters at AESC member search firms use BlueSteps as a resource in their candidate referral and identification process.

AESC Code of Professional Practice

Members of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants are committed to the highest professional practices through the AESC member Code of Professional Practice, acting in the best interests of their clients, candidates, the community-at-large, and our profession. To learn more, read the AESC Candidate Bill of Rights to see how they protect you as a candidate.