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BlueSteps Success Stories

AESC Search Consultant Testimonials

AESC executive search consultants use the BlueSteps database as an additional resource in their candidate and source identification process. Here are some of their BlueSteps success stories:

Jena Abernathy, Witt/Kieffer Atlanta USA

BlueSteps chooses engaging webinar topics, prepares well, and makes it really enjoyable to be a panelist. I welcome the opportunity to share my own expertise, but always take away new ideas from the other speakers as well. In summary, great organization with actionable results.

Head of Odgers Berndtson Belgium

In this age of social media and digitalization, executive search professionals continue to apply an exhaustive search process to find the people their clients need. BlueSteps has a significant complementary role to play in enabling us to do so!

Christopher Mill, Christopher Mill Partners United Kingdom

"BlueSteps has been particularly helpful in identifying candidates - and well qualified sources - in multi-country searches. It is an increasingly valuable additional resource."

Elsa Babik-Matar, The Amrop Hever Group Dubai UAE

"We recommend BlueSteps to senior executives who approach our firm since we believe it is an exclusive site with a wide database of high caliber candidate with experience ranging from the different functions, industries and regions."

John Ferneborg, Ferneborg Associates San Mateo, CA United States

"I just did a search for a CFO in New York City and found two of the final four candidates at BlueSteps."

John Peebles, Principal, John Peebles Associates New Zealand

“Some of our best candidates came from BlueSteps. An outstanding candidate who was appointed for a recent search I conducted came from BlueSteps. It is a billion dollar turnover company and the remuneration package was in the seven figures.”

BlueSteps Member Executive testimonials

Numerous executives have used BlueSteps to expand their career opportunities. We value the privacy of our BlueSteps members, so we cannot directly identify them by name. Here are their BlueSteps success stories:

Executive Director New York USA

BlueSteps webinars are always helpful and informative with well-informed speakers and moderators.

Vice President of Corporate Partnerships Los Angeles United States

"I have recommended BlueSteps to several colleagues over the years because of the usefulness of your service for executives."

General Manager Calgary Canada

"BlueSteps offers helpful and relevant tips for the executive job search including invaluable career advice directly from executive recruiters."

Vice President HR Texas United States

"Thanks for the referral on the HR job in Texas. I had been using some of the other services you provide and didn't know you sent referrals. Good site. Worth the money."

General Manager United States

"Thank you very much for considering me for that position. I did apply and was interviewed. Please keep me on your radar for interesting jobs and I really appreciate the effort you have taken."