BlueSteps Reviews and Success Stories

BlueSteps Reviews from Search Consultants

AESC executive search consultants use the BlueSteps database as an additional resource in their candidate and source identification process. Here are some of their BlueSteps success stories:

Jena Abernathy, Witt/Kieffer Atlanta USA

BlueSteps chooses engaging webinar topics, prepares well, and makes it really enjoyable to be a panelist. I welcome the opportunity to share my own expertise, but always take away new ideas from the other speakers as well. In summary, great organization with actionable results.

Head of Odgers Berndtson Belgium

In this age of social media and digitalization, executive search professionals continue to apply an exhaustive search process to find the people their clients need. BlueSteps has a significant complementary role to play in enabling us to do so!

Managing Partner, Nedelcu & Company München Germany

Why does the AESC's BlueSteps make great business sense? A top executive search consultancy is only as good as the executives it is able to source. Assessing, attracting and placing top executives with clients is our main business. BlueSteps represents a bespoke tool for executive search professionals. Popular social media tools may have changed some aspects of recruiting, but none of the well-known platforms compare to the quality and discretion offered by BlueSteps.

Global assignments are highly complex and challenging for executive search consultants. Over recent months, we successfully completed a number of international search assignments for our clients. Approximately one-third of all candidates for these searches were sourced via BlueSteps. Many of these candidates worked in companies or regions that would normally not have been taken into consideration by our research team.

We can think of no better recommendation than to further promote this valuable tool for both the executive search professional and the management talent we know is out there.

Thomas J. Fuller, General Managing Partner, Epsen Fuller United States

Although I have numerous stories of finding great candidates through BlueSteps, the best example perhaps is a search I was conducting for a global media powerhouse. They required an executive who could be their head of strategy for Asia, and the potential successor to the current President of their Asian empire. In addition, they were seeking an Indian expat living in either the US or the UK, who would be willing to return to India for this opportunity. Through BlueSteps, we quickly located three of our top candidates, located in a broad geographic cross-section including Los Angeles, New York City, St. Louis and London, and ultimately resulting in the hire of a new President of Asia Strategy whose background was an ideal match to the client’s requirements. The candidate signed on for a total compensation package of $500,000+. I would say it would be difficult to find a place where a search consultant could quickly find senior-level executive candidates that matched such demanding requirements as these, to include expats with an expressed willingness to relocate to their home country.

Luis Truchado Vice Chairman, EuroGalenus / Penrhyn International Spain

"EuroGalenus has posted several senior-level jobs on BlueSteps and we've gotten quite a few world-class international finalists. We are very positive about its value and eagerly recommend it to our best candidates. At the Penrhyn International level we have the same perception."

Xavière Phisel, Partner at Sirca Search France

"BlueSteps delivered a good amount of qualified applicants for our assignment for the position of Future President of a large B2B industrial group. I feel like belonging to the AESC and interviewing candidates from its BlueSteps database has created an atmosphere of immediate trust between our firm and BlueSteps' candidates."

Christopher Mill, Christopher Mill Partners United Kingdom

"BlueSteps has been particularly helpful in identifying candidates - and well qualified sources - in multi-country searches. It is an increasingly valuable additional resource."

Elsa Babik-Matar, The Amrop Hever Group Dubai UAE

"We recommend BlueSteps to senior executives who approach our firm since we believe it is an exclusive site with a wide database of high caliber candidate with experience ranging from the different functions, industries and regions."

Pat Prout, The Prout Group United States

"We have been using BlueSteps religiously as one of our research tools. It has been very rewarding and we have gotten some excellent candidates for our search assignments out of the database. As a matter of fact, on more than one occasion the BlueSteps candidates ended up on our short list and were the successful candidate. We, at The Prout Group, are sold on BlueSteps."

John Ferneborg, Ferneborg Associates San Mateo, CA United States

"I just did a search for a CFO in New York City and found two of the final four candidates at BlueSteps."

John Peebles, Principal, John Peebles Associates New Zealand

“Some of our best candidates came from BlueSteps. An outstanding candidate who was appointed for a recent search I conducted came from BlueSteps. It is a billion dollar turnover company and the remuneration package was in the seven figures.”

Alan Mellaart, Founder and Managing Director, Mellaart International Turkey

"When Mellaart International was given the mandate to find a General Manager in the medical devices sector covering the Middle East based in Dubai, the emphasis was on speed and being able to contact relevant executives. As a member of the AESC, we immediately accessed the BlueSteps database and were able to come up with three excellent candidates, two of whom were very motivated by the project. Based on this experience we can highly recommend this database to both search firms and to top level executives."

Nancy Keene, Director, Stanton Chase International United States

"If you are in search of career advancement, do scope BlueSteps. All of the AESC retained search firm members -- global and top boutiques -- use BlueSteps as a secondary research database when conducting assignments, so this is a very efficient way to get exposure and candidacy consideration with utmost confidentiality...the focus is top level: C-suite candidates, potential public company Board members, high pedigree High Potentials, etc."

BlueSteps Reviews from Members

Numerous executives have used BlueSteps to expand their career opportunities. We value the privacy of our BlueSteps members, so we cannot directly identify them by name. Here are their BlueSteps success stories:

Executive Director New York USA

BlueSteps webinars are always helpful and informative with well-informed speakers and moderators.

Board Member USA

BlueSteps Executive Career Services was hugely valuable in identifying, positioning and communicating messaging changes I needed to focus 110% on my value as a Board member. Working with them has led to incredible transformation and improvement of my resume, LinkedIn profile and other marketing materials. My investment in time was an investment in my future career that has already generated returns many times over.

Global Vice President - Commercial Initiatives Chicago Area USA

I found BlueSteps’ career resources extremely useful in my job search. I also gained valuable guidance from search consultants and from executive coaches. There is multiple and very useful advice about job search strategy, personal branding and networking...The tips for interviewing and negotiation are also outstanding.

The executive opportunities section is easy to navigate and offers great insights about open searches, locations and consulting companies.

I would highly recommend BlueSteps membership to other senior executives.

Director Washington D.C. United States

I worked with two BlueSteps Coaches, Jeanne and Cathy, to secure a new job, but also to examine where I stood with my career after ten years in the workforce. Working with Jeanne and Cathy was an exceptional experience. My situation was especially challenging because I was not just changing jobs, but relocating to a new city and therefore had to shift industries. Jeanne's expertise helped identify and articulate how my existing skills and strengths were applicable and transferable, she asked wonderful and challenging questions to truly bring who I was professionally to the surface. After working with Jeanne, Cathy's fantastic resume and LinkedIn profile writing skills were 100% the thing that got me noticed. I'm five months into my current job and they still talk about how my resume set me apart and I get compliments on my LinkedIn profile regularly. I've recommended them multiple times since securing my new position and I cannot imagine a better team to work with than Jeanne, Cathy, and the rest of the BlueSteps family.

Senior Vice President - Strategic Initiatives Chicago USA

I write compelling copy that inspires readers to take action. Even so, one of the best decisions I've made was to hire a BlueSteps professional resume writer to hone my qualifications in a fashion that resonates with hiring managers. I highly recommend fellow members to make this investment.

Chief Information Officer Japan

When I first sought out someone to help me with my executive job search I was not so sure about how effective it would be to use a BlueSteps Career Coach. That said, I want to be on record that my coach has been amazing. The time she invested to get my executive resume, Linkedin Profile, and website to meet her high standards far exceeded the normal amount of time allocated. As I moved into the job search phase with the materials she helped me produce, I have received countless comments from potential employers, and others who have looked at my website, that indicated it was the best personal site they had ever seen. Those who have reviewed my resume use words like "powerful" to describe it. The work that my coach has done is solely why my job search has been so effective. I strongly recommend BlueSteps Executive Career Services for anyone serious about his executive job search.

Chief Financial Officer Scarsdale, New York United States

I have attended several webinars provided by BlueSteps and they have all been very useful, informative and first rate. BlueSteps' other services are also very useful and the company is very well regarded by the AESC search community. I would highly recommend BlueSteps membership to other senior executives.

A long time BlueSteps member.

Executive Vice President Mexico City Mexico

“My BlueSteps membership has helped me meet several AESC member executive search consultants in Mexico City where I am based. I think BlueSteps membership is one of the best ways to network with executive search consultants and stay visible for future job opportunities.”

Head of Business Development, Digital Marketing London United Kingdom

“Thank you very much for your service. I was interviewed for a position that I found through my BlueSteps membership. Even though I was ultimately not the chosen candidate, I look forward to keeping interesting opportunities on my radar and appreciate the targeted services you offer.”

Managing Director New York United States

“Just a note to tell you that I received four inquiries in just a few months in regards to various positions. I am thrilled with your service!”

Vice President of Corporate Partnerships Los Angeles United States

"I have recommended BlueSteps to several colleagues over the years because of the usefulness of your service for executives."

General Manager Calgary Canada

"BlueSteps offers helpful and relevant tips for the executive job search including invaluable career advice directly from executive recruiters."

Vice President HR Texas United States

"Thanks for the referral on the HR job in Texas. I had been using some of the other services you provide and didn't know you sent referrals. Good site. Worth the money."

General Manager United States

"Thank you very much for considering me for that position. I did apply and was interviewed. Please keep me on your radar for interesting jobs and I really appreciate the effort you have taken."