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AESC member search consultants in Vietnam specialize in executive recruiting across a diverse group of industrial sectors, with a particular focus on senior management and roles as head of country for international corporations. The Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) has 5 member firms operating in Vietnam which employ a total of 10 senior executive recruiters, also know as headhunters.

Executive Employment Opportunities in Vietnam

In terms of managerial talent, Vietnam is much like China was 10 years ago in that much of the population is not trained or comfortable with Western management concepts.  Many talented, younger Vietnamese are still too young to have the experience to manage, and English skills are in short supply. 

Still, it can be difficult for executive job seekers from outside Vietnam as well. In particular, 30 - 55 year old managers are very difficult to find, and this can be a barrier to companies investing in Vietnam. Asian companies, who are often a better cultural fit for excellent Vietnamese candidates, make the talent pool even smaller, while the Westerner is often in a difficult position because of the language barrier.

Those interested in senior executive positions in Vietnam will note that the South is often recognized as the more entrepreneurial and pioneering as there is still a significant difference between the North and South in Vietnam, which limits mobility between the two regions.

Vietnam as an Emerging Market for Executive Search

The Asia/Pacific region is the area predicted to see the most growth according to the AESC Q2 2011 Industry Outlook Report. This signifies a rapidly growing opportunity for senior executives to pursue employment in this region.

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