How Top Headhunters Relate to Your Executive Career

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“Executive Top Headhunters” or “headhunters” are more formally known as executive search consultants or executive recruiters. The functions of these retained search professionals are often confused with those of employment consultants. Some managers even believe that executive headhunters “find jobs” for executives, which is not the case.

What Top Headhunters Do:

When a hiring organization reaches out to an executive search firm, top headhunters and executive researchers work with the organization to fill a position with the best person for that position. This differs greatly from the goal of filling the position with the best available person. Top headhunters are committed to locating and recruiting the best person for the position, regardless of whether he or she is already employed or seeking new opportunities.

What Top Headhunters Do Not Do:

Top headhunters do not post job openings and recruit candidates from the self-selected group of people who see the posting and then answer it. Executive search firms and headhunters also do not limit themselves to comb through internal files of resumes. Executive headhunters simply actively seek and recruit the most highly qualified candidates for any given position, regardless of whether that person is seeking a position.

Why Working with Top Headhunters Benefits You:

Since executive headhunters recruit for positions that are rarely advertised, they give candidates access to a hidden job market of high-level and well-compensated positions. Executive headhunters also usually specialize in certain fields, and thus are well connected to companies offering similar positions, and knowledgeable about the industry’s compensation packages. Establishing yourself as a visible industry expert gives you a door for executive headhunters to knock on.

What You Can Do to Gain Top Headhunter Visibility:

  • Join industry/professional organizations
  • Gain print visibility
  • Be accessible to executive headhunters
  • Target recruiters and build relationships
  • Keep an updated resume handy
  • Be visible online
  • Network, and then keep networking


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