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There are 12 Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants members in Scotland specializing in industries ranging from Engineering and Energy to Design and Development to Agriculture. All 12 of the AESC’s member firms are located in Scotland’s three urban centers where most executive employment is focused. These three urban centers are Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh.

Scotland has the third largest GDP per capita of any region in the United Kingdom, only preceded by the South East of England and Greater London. Scotland has a mixed economy closely linked to the rest of the United Kingdom and the wider European Economic Area.

Historically a world leader in manufacturing and related industries, Scotland produces a diverse list of goods and services including textiles, whiskey, shortbread, oil, aero engines, computer software, avionics, buses, ships, and microprocessors. Scotland is also home to a number of financial services including banking, fund management and insurance. The service sector is now the largest sector in Scotland after significant growth over the last decade. Executive job opportunities are available in all of these areas.

Executive Recruitment in Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s economy has experienced steady economic growth in recent years. A number of key sectors, including financial services, tourism, science and technology, and the creative industries have contributed to Edinburgh’s and Scotland’s appeal as a destination for senior executive employment.

  • Edinburgh is the UK's third best business location in terms of satisfaction levels amongst existing companies (NOMIS)
  • Only Cardiff outstrips Edinburgh in terms of forecast output growth between 2004-2010 (Cambridge Econometrics)
  • Edinburgh ranks ahead of London and Frankfurt in terms of office market strength (Knight Frank/Grubb & Ellis)
  • Business tourism is worth around £300m a year to Edinburgh and the Lothians
  • Edinburgh is Europe's 25th richest city and the UK's second after London (Communities and Local Government)
  • Almost 60% of the £521m spent on business enterprise research and development in Scotland (2003) was in Edinburgh City Region
  • Edinburgh is the most prosperous UK city outside London (Scottish Government)
  • Edinburgh's workforce is more productive than that of any other city in the UK.

Top employers in Edinburgh include the University of Edinburgh, the City of Edinburgh Council, The Royal Bank of Scotland, and NHS Scotland. Senior-level executive job openings occur within these and dozens of other corporate employers in and around Edinburgh.

Executive Positions in Aberdeen

Aberdeen thrives off of technological development in electronics design and development, oil, and agriculture and fishing. The oil industry has been largely responsible for Aberdeen’s rapid economic growth over the last three decades, replacing the city’s original cash cows which were fishing, textiles, ship building and paper making. Several AESC member executive recruiters are based in Aberdeen.

Firms active in this region:

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