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The worldwide recession left Ireland in a fragile economic situation, and AESC retained executive search firms are working hard to adapt to Ireland's current state of affairs.  Executive job opportunities do still exist in Ireland, a number that is only growing as the global economy bounces back, and AESC member search firms continue to fill these positions with top executive talent.

Executive Job Opportunities in Ireland

Following an unprecedented contraction in output between 2009 and 2010, Ireland is beginning to regain economic strength aiding the country's domestic economic adjustment. Following such a downfall, the executive job outlook has begun to improve. Senior executive search consultants will be seeking individuals with the ability to manage and improve companies' bottom lines after a hard hit.

In the 1990s Ireland became a successful player in the emerging IT industry, based on modern information and communications technologies. Many companies in these sectors have located in Dublin and the Greater Dublin Area. In fact, Dublin is widely regarded as the Silicon Valley of Europe, attracting ten of thousands of people from less IT-focused economies such as France, German, Spain, Italy and the UK. For example, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, PayPal, Yahoo! and Pfizer (among others) now have European headquarters and/or operational bases in Dublin and its suburbs. IT executive job openings in Dublin and its surroundings are therefore more prevalent than in industries other than IT.

The economy of Ireland has been one of the more important economies of the European Union, registering an average growth rate of 10% at the close of the last century. Dependant on trade and industry, Ireland's economy is driven by exports. Ireland ranks second among the European Union nations in terms of per capita income (Luxembourg being the first). According to the World Bank report of 2005, Ireland's per head Gross National Income of $41,140 (USD) is the third highest among European Union nations and the seventh highest among all nations in the world.  This is good news for executive compensation in Ireland, which ranks correspondingly high among European nations.

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