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What is Executive Recruitment?

A wide range of companies rely on top executive recruitment firms to find the best candidates for an opening in their senior management ranks. These openings are highly challenging and mission-critical positions for experienced executives. These positions almost always offer base salary over $100,000—often, over $250,000. Top executive recruitment companies fill openings that are often not made known to the general public, creating a sort of “hidden” job market. To fill these positions, the top executive recruitment consultants work closely with their client to find the best possible candidates, and because of the hidden nature of these openings you cannot be considered unless you have the attention of a top executive recruitment firm.

Executive Recruitment and You

Networking with top executive recruitment professionals can be crucial for advancing your career. It helps to cultivate this sort of relationship before you actually need a job. Even though you might not be looking for a new position now, being “on the radar” of the top executive recruitment consultants can certainly be advantageous later on.

Building a positive relationship with top executive search consultants is vital. Remember to keep a professional attitude—the goal of top executive recruitment professionals is to find the best candidates for their clients’ senior management openings. You won’t be right for every job, and you can’t expect a top executive recruiter to find a place for you right away. Building a positive business relationship takes time, but if the top executive recruitment consultants in your network come to see you as a viable candidate, your patience will be worthwhile.

When you are speaking to a top executive recruitment professional, be polite, professional, and concise. You do yourself no favors by wasting a top executive recruitment consultant’s time or otherwise putting them off. Have an updated résumé at the ready, and be prepared to give a brief (one minute or less) verbal summary of your professional achievements if asked.

In attracting the attention of top executive recruitment firms, it also helps to be known within your company and your line of work. Consider joining a professional organization, and get your name out there by getting published in a trade publication or website. Industry blogs are a good place to start.

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