startup executive
startup executive

The Startup Executive

Meet Josh.

Josh is CEO for a global verification technology company headquartered in London.

Discover how Josh used BlueSteps to successfully own his CEO position despite his lack of experience.

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Founder & CEO
Josh’s title when he joined BlueSteps.
Nottingham, England
Josh’s location when he became a BlueSteps member.
15+ Years
Josh has always been entrepreneurial and was working in commercial real estate when he had the idea for an online verification platform. He elicited the help of co-founders who had the skills he lacked to build his empire and started pitching his ideas and services to other companies who saw a need for their services. His company exploded in a very short period.

Josh was ready for a new challenge.

After hiring 100+ new people at once, across the world, Josh realized he was out of his depth. He lacked the proper experience to lead a company through normal growing pains associated with start-up culture, and the cracks in his leadership foundation began to show. One of his peers in the executive space recommended he talk to a Career Advisor to get his skills on par with executives at this level.

Josh joined BlueSteps

BlueSteps Executive Career Services helped Josh hone his leadership skills.

Josh took advantage of the BlueSteps Executive Career Services and found a Career Advisor to help him develop a personal plan to navigate the challenges of being a first-time executive. Together with his Advisor, Josh developed a strategy to bring his vision of a true leader to reality. He gained insights from industry professionals with decades worth of knowledge in order to evangelize and motivate his employees, more effectively operate a business at a global scale and how to re-brand himself as a thought leader in the tech space.

Josh used the BlueSteps goals tracker to stay focused.

The BlueSteps goals tracking tool provided Josh with simple, actionable steps to stay focused on his leadership development.

Josh attended BlueSteps workshops to gain more insights from industry leaders.

Josh attended webinars and workshops as a way to immerse himself in the world of executives and recruitment to keep his business agile and to make sure he was in-the-know about industry trends.

Josh’s leadership skills are now on par with other CEO’s.

Josh’s use of BlueSteps services helped him to build a strong leadership foundation and prepare him to more effectively run his global tech company.